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Arugula and Apple Parmesan Salad

Arugula and Apple Parmesan Salad





1 cup of arugula

½ cup of spinach

½ cup of gala apples

½ cup of mushroom (any kind)

1 lemon

Oils and Vinegars

Extra version olive oil

Horseradish mustard (or any other mustard)


Parmesan cheese


½ cup of raisons

Baking and Spices

¼ tsp black pepper, ground

¼ tsp salt


How to make it:

  • Cut all the vegetables listed above in a square small size, except for the arugula and spinach. Season with salt and pepper.

  • For the dressing, mix the lemon juice, the mustard and the extra version olive oil and pour on the salad.

By Rama Atiya

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